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Inauguration Ceremony at Syracuse University


Marlei Martinez

More than 700 people of different race, gender and religion met to witness history on Inauguration Day. Students, professors and faculty crowded around a big screen in Syracuse University’s Goldstein Auditorium to watch the swearing-in of the nation’s 44th president, Barack Obama.

“I was not an Obama supporter, I’m a Neoconservative actually,” graduate student Jeffrey Cappella said. “But today isn’t about being a Republican, Democrat or Neoconservative. So today, I’m not Neoconservative, I’m just American.”

Goldstein Auditorium has three sections of seating: the main floor, the middle floor and the balcony—all of which were full from the beginning to the end of Obama’s speech. His words even enticed Republican voters to stay in their seats.

“I voted for the other guy,” Freshman Erin DeVine said. “But, I think [Obama’s] a really powerful person. He’s great with words. He has great ideas. I hope and believe he can execute all of his plans.”

The Goldstein audience stood up together when Obama first came on screen. They sat down together when he raised his right hand to take the Oath of Office. They laughed together when he stumbled over the words of his oath because Chief Justice John Roberts misspoke. The audience was watching Obama’s every televised move.

“The president is the biggest celebrity in the country and you want to get to know him,” SU alum Abby Feldman said.

“I agree,” Senior Celina Tousignant said. “It’s a very unifying experience that we’re watching this at the same time with people all over the world. He spoke so well that there’s no way you can’t become emotionally charged about everything he says.”

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