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Always On Time

Connect Commentator Alyssa Raymond tells us why she is always on time.

I hate when people are late. My whole life I have put in a significant amount of energy into making

sure I am never late. So nothing irritates me more than waiting in the doctor’s office for my scheduled

appointment that was supposed to take place an hour ago.

We can all imagine this scenario…You are stuck in the waiting room. Staring at the second hand of a

round faced wall clock slowly tick in a complete circle. Only to be entertained once again as it slowly

goes around and around and around. You read through entertainment magazine after entertainment

magazine. And you even skim through a copy of the children’s magazine, Highlights. Now what? They

tell you not to use your cell phone, but do you ever really pay attention to that. I don’t!

Then, when the nurse calls your name…you say to yourself, finally! But that surge of excitement fades

quickly, when you end up waiting an additional 20 minutes in the examining room.

Yes, I understand emergencies arise and unexpected situations take place, but when I am waiting in the

examining room, and I hear my doctor talking to another patient about golf that is when it becomes

completely unacceptable for him to be behind schedule.

It is the only business that can get away with being late. Some people say… “Being on time is late.”

Doctor’s would never be on time if this was the case. It gets even more frustrating for me when I have

to designate an entire day to one single doctor’s appointment. And you can’t schedule more than

one doctor’s appointment in one day because you never know how long you will be there. It starts a

rippling effect. One late doctor makes you late for another late doctor who you still end up waiting

for. But then there is always the fact that when you do arrive late to a doctor’s appointment even if

it’s only by ten minutes…they make sure to skip right over you. And say I’m sorry you were late to your

appointment. That’s your fault. Ok hypocrites!!!!

A 2009 report by Press Ganey Associates says the average time patients spend waiting in a doctor’s

offices is 22 minutes. The study also says orthopedists have the longest waiting time averaging about

half an hour. Dermatologists are the shortest wait at about 20 minutes. I can tell you first hand I have

waited longer than 20 minutes for that group!

Doctor’s are in high demand. And the more people they cram in per day the more money they make.

We have no choice, but to wait. People have recommended ways to eliminate the time spent waiting

in doctor’s offices. They have told me to schedule my appointment as early as possible. Saying the

best time slot to get is the first appointment of the day. Another good time is to get the appointment

scheduled for right after lunch. I will definitely consider requesting those times.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your doctor’s secretary could call you to let you know your doctor is behind


It is a fact of life. Going to the doctor equals waiting. I’ll bring a book. I’ll bring schoolwork. Maybe I

will even create a business plan in the waiting room of my doctor’s office.

Waiting builds patience and you definitely need patience when waiting!

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