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Canastota Joe

CANASTOTA, N.Y.–Joe DiGiorgio has been president of the Canal Town Museum here for the past 10 years, but his involvement with the museum goes back much farther. The lifelong social studies teacher helped found the museum in 1970 as part of a downtown restoration project.

Over the past 10 years under DiGiorgio’s leadership, the museum has added several new exhibits and expanded into new rooms of the historic house that holds it. Exhibits include:
· Canal Engineering & Canastota’s Nathan Roberts
· Life Along the Canal
· Canastota’s Lift Bridge
· Birthplace of the American Microscope Industry
· Frederick R. Spencer, the 19th Century Portrait Artist
· Ideal Cut Glass (Canastota Cut Glass)
· Early Movie and Projection Film Industry
· The Italian American & Canastota’s Mucklands
· Watson Dump Wagon History
· History of Canastota’s Energy Sources
· Erie Canal and Canastota’s Industry & Commerce
· Amelia Earhart & Canastota’s Airport Opening of 1928

The museum recently acquired an original Watson wagon manufactured in Canastota in 1899 and plans to raise money for a display building especially for the wagon.

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